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Saturday, 10 January 2015 11:06

Indian TV goes mobile – the Live Streaming Way

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MTA Media is a company that has been launched by Anoop Varma a media distribution industry veteran with more than 17 years of experience in the industry, starting since the inception of the industry in 1994 with the likes of Star TV, Aaj Tak, Star News, Viaccess, NDS and Envivio as their business head. He felt a vacuum in the way content was being streamed to the Indians staying outside India and  looking at the on going market trend, he decided to develop and launch his own app called MyTVApp to stream content and live Indian channels at an affordable cost and in good quality

Last year Global OTT platform Netrange finalized a deal with MyTVApp, India’s 1st real-time OTT platform to live-stream FTA and premium entertainment, news, music and movies along with on-demand content curated from global contentproviders via its app on Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store and now on NetRange`s Smart TV Ecosystem as MyTVApp’s rich content will be made available on Smart TV portals operated by NetRange.

Indians living outside India will now be able to watch their favourite TV content from ‘back home’ on their Smart TVs.

It will join the ranks of NetRange’s leading global real-time Smart TV/ OTT Ecosystem alongside with other leading ondemand entertainment, news, sports, and cultural content providers.

MyTVApp is an innovative mobile entertainment app designed to stream live, Full HD, and currently with real-time Indian TV content to mobile and handheld cellular devices globally.

It has significant features that place it heads and shoulders above even its current competitors. Broadly, these include a pause and play functionality, complete flexibility for users to select their own channels (even everyday if they choose to), and is bandwidth friendly with the ability to stream live content even at 300 kbps without excessive buffering or pixilation.

It has been developed, keeping in mind that mobile and handheld devices come in many screen sizes. MyTVApp performs flawlessly on screen sizes ranging from 3.5” to 10.3” with the ability to play content in its native aspect ratio on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms.

MyTVApp has also inked an agreement with another platform that would stream our app across smart TV’s and other devices like Samsung, LG, Ikea, Changhong etc, reaching to about 20 Mill + devices over and above the existing Android and iOS subscribers.

How is MyTVApp Different?

Whilst a host of existing content providers are jostling and elbowing each other to attract subscribers' attention. MTA stands heads and shoulders above the crowd. Here's why:

1.Pause & Play. This is an advanced and sophisticated functionality for a portable device that is currently only available to subscribers with set-top box connections.

2.Customer is Really King! User has complete flexibility to select their individual channels and not be forced to choose between predetermined packages that are designed to be provider-friendly and not user-friendly

3.Bandwidth friendly. Can be used to view content even when internet speed is as slow as 300kbps without compromising streaming quality

4.Anytime-Anywhere TV. Content is streamed over portable Android devices. A user has complete freedom to take their TV with them instead of being constrained to a set top box at home.

5.When More is Better. Each MTA subscriber can download the app on 2 separate devices and view different programs on both devices simultaneously

6.Wallet friendly. MTA packages will be atleast 50% lower than what the average content providers charge depending on the markets we go to.

Benefits: A number of immediate benefits for MTA subscribers include:

1.Save 50% on annual fee and still get your TV content on a portable device

2.Pause & Play Full HD (1080p) content including live content

3.View 1080Dp (full HD) content even at 300kbps internet connection speed

4.Anytime Anywhere TV - watch it at home, at work, or on the move... Anytime, Anywhere...

5.For portable devices only. Take it from one room to another without reconnecting messy cables or having subscriptions for multiple STBs at the same premises

6.Select your own package - no restrictions on how many times user can add or remove channels during their subscription period

7.No need to buy expensive hardware to watch TV. MTA is custom-built to work seamlessly on your existing Android devicesand iOS

8.Stream Full HD content from your device to your TV wirelessly without loss of picture or audio quality


Some of the features of the MYTVApp service are:

1.User login is authenticated (prevents spambots pretending to be humans)

2.Users can login using app-specific login identity, or via Universal ID including Google+, Facebook, or Twitter profiles (integrates user with MTA's social presence on these channels)

3.Offers users a choice of 20 channels from a buffet of 60 channels

4.Users can design and re-design their 20 channels as and when they please - all from within the app itself!

5.Users can purchase additional channels for an annual fee of $5 per channel

6.3-day electronic program guide (EPG) on a SaaS model

7.Real-time push notifications (including subscription reminders) to users in the app itself

8.Seamless striped payment gateway integrated with multiple ECS facilities including Amazon ECS and Google Play Store (in Stage 1 of launch)

9.State of the art headend and CDN for streaming content

10.Sophisticated back-end Subscriber Management System (SaaS) to manage subscribers and their app experience

11.Detailed analytics, admin dashboard, logs & reports available to Consort Media to track usage time, preferred channels, frequency of use, subscriber tickets, payments, notifications, user activity logs, subscriber and business reports etc.

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