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Thursday, 11 July 2013 04:57

Simple to deploy and monetize is the key

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Rahul Nehra

CMO and Global Head Sales, Exset, UK

CQ: Digitisation of Cable TV in India has brought many new companies in the field from all over the world. An ordinary cable operator/MSO gets confused over features and costs. What should be the main criteria of selecting a CAS for a digital cable system?

RN : There are many CAS suppliers in today’s market and selecting the right one for your company is difficult.  The key criteria for choosing the right CAS is trusting the company you are purchasing from and seeing it understands your business and the future of the industry.  A company can no longer be only a CAS supplier, it has to be a partner for the operator that offers content protection and monetization services that work with all levels of customers be it high end or low end


Suitability of a Cardless CAS in cable system?

RN : This will depend on the needs of the operator, business model and size.  The cost may be lower but the risks are also higher and guarnatees that security is not going to mean needing a new CEP are key

CQ: What features can be removed to start with to keep the investments low and can they be added in future?

RN : One should not be looking at what one can remove from the investment but more what can one do to increase ARPU outside Pay TV services.  DMS from Exset allows operators to create new revenue streams from day one.  A small investment through DMS allows operators to bring in new advertising partners and business, one may save today by offering the most basic package but double your costs tomorrow for not having invested wisely in the 1st place

CQ: Do we have scalable CAS?

RN: Exset CAS has scaled from 0 to 12 million subscribers in the space of 6 years proving it is a truly scalable system.  What is more important is to have a system that will allow you to offer content protection and monetization services across multiple platforms and devices

CQ: How to select an SMS & Billing systems so that it can be integrated with the CAS without any problem?

Each system is a challenge as each operator has different needs, the key is not selecting the cheapest system but the best supported system and the best team to support you when your business needs change.  With Monetization becoming key, multiscreen models need to be supported and adoption of new business models are needed

CQ: Can the operator go in for different vendors for CAS and Billing Software?

RN : Yes and it is usually the case, CAS vendors are specialists in CAS, billing experts in billing systems, rarely are they experts in both

CQ: What features are essential in the most economical middleware?

RN : The keys is that it must be able to run on a low cost STB and be able to move to a multiscreen service as customer behaviour changes.  Increase ARPU that was key real monetization in one way and two way environment, the middleware must be able to offer this. The product must empower the operator to monetize their digital network

CQ: What should an operator expect while integrating a middleware with rest of the system?

RN : An operator should have the resources to operate the platform and have a monetization partner such as Exset that offers a system that is simple to manage deploy and monetize, easy to manage and upgrade is key which is the DMS model.

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