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India's Leading Source for Broadcasting & Broadband Information - CableQuest Magazine

SSI & BE by Delhi Govt.

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Dated 1st Feb 1994


NO. 2(3)/93-SSB bD. & Policy

Govenmrnt Of India

Ministry Of Industry

Dptt. Of Small Scale Industries & A.R.I

Office of the Development Commissioner (SSI)



1          The Secretary (Industries)

All States/UTs

2          The Director/Commissioner of Industries

(All States/UTS).


Subject :- Activities Registrable as SSBE-s Inclusion of Cable T.V Service as ‘SSSBE’

            Ref                   Letter No. 2(3)/91-SSI Bd. dated 30.9.91

                                    Letter No. 2(3)/91-SSI Bd. dated 3.1.92


In Continuation of this office letters of even number referred to above. I am to inform you that it has now been decide to recognize the following activity as a Small Scale Service & Business Enterprises (SSSBE).

(a)                “Installation and operation of Cable T.V. Network”

These units would be eligible to obtain registration with the registering authorities as ‘SSSBE’ and will be entitled to avail the benefits available to SSI units. Subject to other terms & conditions.


                                                                                                Yours Sincerely




                                                                                                DIRECTOR (SSIBD. &POLICY)


Copy forwarded to

1        Director of all SISIs & Director in HQ& IAs.

2        All others as per mailing list.

3        Director. Tech.Pub. O/o the DC(SSI). New Delhi.


                                                                 Mrs. Roop Sharma

Announcing this good news in grand function of book releasing ceremony of Cable Quest in Delhi’s prestigious Nehru Library and Museum Auditorium on 4 April 94, Mrs. Roop Sharma, President COFI said that it was a great victory for the cable operators all over India. Shri. Harshan Singh Bali. Industry Minister of NTC of Delhi was the chief guest at the ceremony.

Mrs. Sharma hailed it as a first major step by the government in organizing this burgeoning industry. “Film Industry could not achieve in the last 70 years what we have achieved in three years”, said she.

Well, this is the time for all of us to join hands and make this industry an example in the country.

It is the right time for all cable operators to get organized.

1.      Get yourself  registered with the directorate of Industries in the respective states.

2.      Buy good equipment and cables to improved the services to the subscribers.

3.      Apply for loan from NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation), States Financial Industries or Banks.

4.      Join control rooms to enlarge your network size to make your operators cost effective.

5.      Increase  your services by providing more channels and better presentation of your software to the subscribers.

6.      Observe one day in a week as a holiday when only satellite programmes should be on.

7.      Do not broadcast unhealthy programmes that may harm the society.

8.      Avoid politically motivated programmes.

9.      Show educative programmes for children.

Futher elaborating  the advantages of being an SSI Unit, Mrs. Roop Sharma said that operators must make use of the facilities offered by State Industrial Corporation and Directorates. Some of the benefits are listed below for the information of all  operators.


Can apply for industrial plot/shed in industrial/area.

Can get building material released for construction of shed.

Can apply to the Corpor-

ation / Panchayat /other local bodies for permission to construct shed for  establishing the units.

Can apply for power connection.

Can get financial assistance from State Financial Corporation/Nationalised Bank etc.

Can apply for Imports of raw materials/components and capital goods.


Most of the State Industrial Corporation provide a one window service to the entrepreneurs for processing of document.


There is no need to go through any agent or individuals offering services jaissson  work . Each  case is handled the department on individual merit.

NSIC, National Small Industries Corporation offers the following benefits to SSS & BE units.    100% financing at very liberal terms with easy repayment schedule up to a limit of Rs. Five lakhs for purchase of equipment.


Simple formalities and speedy sanction  Single Window System for importing equipment. The Corporation undertakes to complete formalities like procuring import licence, opening of Letter of  Credit etc.

Tax rebate on full 5 years lease rental.


ZEE TV concedes COFI’s demand


Zee Telefilm In A Welcome Move Has Agreed To Compensate Rs.5000/ To The Affected Cable Operators Of Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi Who Was Raided On 11 Dec’ 93 Due To Copyright Problem.


In A Letter Dated 2nd  March 1994

Addressed To Mrs. Roop Sharma, President, Cofi, Mr. Rohit Mishra, Head Of Purchase For Zee Telefilms Ltd. Has Expressed concern on Zee TV’s  Behalf and wanted to know more  about the apprehensions of someone creating copyright problems as Regards the telecasting  of  “Ranjan “ on Zee TV.


This movie is a Thumping victory for COFI, which is always string hard to make up the issue related to the cable operators . this Ac cepiance  of COFI’s strength by Zee show that it is the only genuine forum of India’s thousand of cable operators.




Cable Operators all over country have welcomed the decision of the to recognize them as “a small Scale Service and Business Enterprises”. Sh. H.S. Bali, the Industry Minister of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, assured the cable operators full facilities in running their operations following their recognition by the Small Scale Industries Board of  the union Industry Ministry.

Cable operators felt that the ceiling of Rs five lakh as loan is very small. Operators have also demanded power connections at commercial rates available to industry establishment, and have said that steps have to be taken to provide better services to their customers.

The Cable Operators Federation of  India has urged the Government to come out with a clear-cut copy as early as possible and expeditiously before Parliament, Which had already been considered by the Standing Committee of the Ministry of  Communications. COFI President Mrs. Roop Sharma said that the Bill should be amended keeping the sentiments of the operators in view, as expressed on various for a including the Standing Committee.

The Cable Networks Association (CAN) in a meeting on April 12 said steps should also be taken to ensure that operators can lay their cables without being harmed and damaged by other authorities like electricity, telephone etc.

Mr. Bali urged the cable operators to put all their problems on paper and meet him, after which he will arrange their meeting with the concerned Administration or Police officials so that all the problems can be sorted out immediately. Speaking at a local seminar, Mr. Bali said the Delhi Government would encourage any industry which “consumes minimum power, has minimum pollution, and provides maximum employment”.

Referring to the upper limit of Five lakhs placed by the Union Government, Mr. Bali said the operators could get loan up to Rs. Seventy lakhs from the Delhi Finance Corporation. While answering questions that only residential premises  using more than forty nine per cent of its Floor area for industrial and commercial purpose could be taxed under that category.

Earlier  the Director of the Small Scale Industries Ministry, Mr. Raju Sharma said that cable operators could receive all the benefits available to small scale industries.

Apart from the central loan of up to Rs. Five lakhs they could apply for capital investments for small scale units . The Units should get themselves registered .

They would first be given provisional registration and later permanent registration .

Mr. A.U. Ansari, Join Director of Industries for the Delhi Government, said Municipal Corporation of Delhi and Delhi Development Authority clearance would have to be obtained in certain cases for using the premises for cable industry did not figure among these.

Meanwhile, he said, registered operators duties for hardware imported by then Mr. S.K. Dhamija , Divisional Manager (leasing) in the National Small Industries Corporation said the Corporation could work as a middleman for imports purchase from within or outside this country.

Mr. P.K. Goyal, Director of the Small Industries Services Institute, said course could be designed to train cable operators.

He said it was for the operators to decide the minimum requirements in items training or hardware.


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