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Monday, 18 February 2019 09:35

Strong cash flow to make Dish TV debt-free in 2 years: Dish TV CFO

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According to leading direct to home (DTH) operator Dish TV chief financial officer (CFO) Rajeev Dalmia, the platform may become debt-free if it generates Rs 25-300 crore every quarter.

He added: “If we continue to generate around Rs. 250 crores to Rs. 300 crores per quarter, then we are pretty confident that in the next two years we will be more or less debt-free.”

Dish TV’s fee cash flow in Q3 FY19 was Rs. 225 crores, which was utilised for the dividend payment and repayment of bank loans. For 9M FY19, the cash flow was around Rs. 700-750 crore.

As reported earlier, Dish TV’s gross debt was Rs. 2,450 crore while net debt was Rs. 2,050 crore as on 31 Dec 2018.

Dalmia added the company’s Capex for FY19 will be lower than anticipated. During Q3, the company’s Capex was Rs 260 crore while for the 9M period it was Rs 680 crore. The company’s Capex plan for FY19 was Rs 900 crore.

Dalmia on the drop in Capex said, “It can be even less because of the reduction of set-top box prices recently. So, we have Rs. 680 crore in the nine months. It could be ending with Rs. 850 crore to Rs. 875 crore.”

Dish TV CMD Jawahar Goel said that the FY20 Capex will be even lower because the company has concluded set-top box (STB) deal at a very competitive price. “So, I don’t want to make a comment, but it can be even within Rs. 700 crore,” he added.

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