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Thursday, 14 March 2019 05:22

Tech giant Google screened 2.3 billion misleading ads last year

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In follow up of its strict advertising policy, the tech giant Google has claimed that it has banned close to 2.3 billion ads in 2018 alone.  Google released the 2018 ‘Bad Ads Report’ on 14 March and aims to make the web a better place for consumers by protecting them from misleading, inappropriate, or harmful ads.

Its ad policy includes a prohibition on hate speech and protects users, advertisers and publishers from hateful content across platforms. 

Also, it has announced that soon it will launch a new Policy Manager in Google Ads. This new policy centre will give tips on common policy mistakes to help well-meaning advertisers and make it easier to create and launch compliant ads.

Google Director of Sustainable Ads Scott Spencer commented: “We have been working towards protecting the users, advertisers and publishers by investing significant technological resources. And, every year, through our ‘Bad Ads Report’, we share key actions and data to keep the ecosystem safe through our policies across platforms. This will continue to remain our top priority as bad ads pose a threat to users, Google’s partners, and the sustainability of the open web itself.” 

He added that Google continued to tackle the challenge of misinformation and low-quality sites, using several different policies to ensure its ads were supporting legitimate, high-quality publishers. In 2018, approximately 1.2 million pages, over 22,000 apps, and nearly 15,000 sites across its ad network were removed for violations of policies directed at misrepresentative, hateful or other low-quality content.

Also, 74,000 pages for violating Google’s ‘dangerous or derogatory’ content policy were removed, taking down approximately 190,000 ads for policy violations. 

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