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Friday, 19 April 2019 14:12

Despite ban, ByteDance to invest $1 billion in TikTok India

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Though the popular short form video platform TikTok has been banned in India and has vanished from Playstore, its owner Chinese company ByteDance is planning to invest $1 billion in India, as per Zhen Liu, SVP, ByteDance.

TikTok is now looking into user safety rather than just growth in daily active users (DAUs) and monthly active users (MAUs). It has removed lakhs of videos which were considered inappropriate.

Zhen Liu, SVP, corporate development, ByteDance, said: “Promoting well-being of the content creators and users is our priority. We are not just looking at DAUs or MAUs but the well-being of users.”

Liu added: “Eighty five percent of the users are adults. Short videos and user generated content is an important strategy for us. Mobile internet penetration is also picking up in India and the videos are becoming a lifestyle for people to express themselves and interact with others.”

She said: “TikTok has safety features like parental control (parents can set the time spent on the app) and that it “has removed more than 6 million videos”. We have faith in the Indian judicial system.”

She added: “We are constantly learning. We are in India for the long term. We are a very young company and this is the beginning of our journey. This is the market where we want to do the right things and we are very patient.”

At present, TikTok has over 120 million users in India. 

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