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Wednesday, 13 November 2019 05:04

Mumbai and Delhi lead the top markets in OTT; YouTube is at top: Report

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According to the findings of the Ormax OTT Audience Report: 2019, main viewers of the OTT platforms are male. It said that the audience size of regular OTT audience in India stands at 76.5 Million (7.65 crore), Mumbai and Delhi lead the top markets, with three million regular OTT audience each.

Mumbai and Delhi are followed by Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat, Chennai, Pune & Jaipur.

The survey was conducted among 15+ age group, also profiles the OTT Universe. 66% of regular OTT audiences are men, while 34% are women. 25% belong to the 15-21 yrs. age group, 34% in the 22-30 yrs. age group, 21% in 31-40 yrs. and 20% in the 41+ age group.

The survey covered a sample size of 10,000 audiences over the period of May-September 2019, whereby audience were sized and profiled based on their OTT consumption behaviour, usage of various OTT platforms/ apps, and their content choices. The study defined ‘regular OTT audience’ as someone who watched two or more hours of OTT content every week and uses at least one website/ app besides YouTube and social media to watch video content online.

YouTube emerges as the most-preferred OTT brand, followed by Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar.

ALT Balaji’s Gandii Baat emerged as the most male-skewed show, while Amazon Prime Video’s Mind The Malhotras emerged as the most female-skewed show.

Hindi emerges as the most-preferred language of online video consumption at 62%, followed by English at 22%, while regional languages, led by Telugu and Tamil, control the balance 16% share.

Ormax Media CEO Shailesh Kapoor commented, “OTT is an emerging and fast-growing category in India. While individual platforms have a lot of a data on their own audience, there is little industry-wide understanding available on who the OTT audience in India exactly is, how many are they in number, where do they exist, how do they watch, which genres do they prefer, what are their subscription triggers, and many other such questions that are extremely relevant to any OTT business.

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