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Wednesday, 20 November 2019 13:48

Indian brands far ahead in digital marketing maturity: Google-BCG study

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As per a global study compiled by BCG and Google, of the Indian brands surveyed this year, 6% of Indian brands were found to be delivering best-in-class ‘Multi-moment’ experiences, where customer journeys are dynamically improved toward business outcomes, making it the highest in the region. 

The report said that optimising in a single and then multiple channels, the study called out more than 80% of Indian brands sit in the two middle maturity buckets ‘Emerging & Connected’ as they begin to responsibly manage data, automate media buying and messaging. And, encouragingly, only 8% of Indian brands were at the lower end of maturity ‘Nascent’.

In its annual edition of Google’s Think Platforms, Google shared insights on how India has fared on the path to digital marketing maturity by unveiling insights from the Digital Marketing Maturity framework.

This report provides a direction for brands to measure themselves objectively on the effectiveness of their Digital Marketing campaigns and attain digital maturity. Brands across 10 industries were assessed on their level of digital marketing maturity across stages varying from Nascent to Multi-moment across regions including India, Japan, South East Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The study represented brands across four key stages, namely Nascent (Marketing campaigns use mainly external data and direct buys, with limited linkage to sales), Emerging (Marketers make some use of owned data in automated buying, with single-channel optimization and testing); Connected (Companies rely on data integrated and activated across digital channels, with demonstrated linkage to ROI or sales proxies) and Multi-moment (Organizations optimize dynamic execution across channels throughout the customer journey to achieve business outcomes).

Google Head of Partnerships, Publishers & Platforms Marketing APAC Matt Brocklehurst commented: “Combining data and digital technologies can increase the relevance of advertising, cost savings and revenue. It also helps the marketers get an in-depth understanding of the entire customer journey, helping them better focus their engagement efforts. It is heartening to see India taking a progressive and more mature digital approach in marketing, ahead of many brands across APAC, Europe and Latin America. As per the study, India saw the top quartile of brands in terms of maturity report an average of 7% annual incremental revenue and 13% annual cost efficiency.”

He added: “And we’re delighted to share that the digital maturity assessment tool is now public and any brand can get a detailed assessment report through it.”

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